Accommodation in Adrspach

for rock climbers and families


Adrspach represents the most beautiful rock town in Europe for many people. We have prepared a few recommendations for trips suitable for any season and weather.

Spring in Adrspach

Spring is the most awaited season in Adrspach. The best is to explore the rocks before the high season starts and enjoy the solitude the rocks can offer. An all-day trip from Adrspach to Teplice through the “Wolf’s Ravine” is just an unforgettable experience. In the case of bad weather you can visit Museum of the famous construction kit Merkur, or Museum of paper models in Police nad Metují.

Adršpašské skály - virtuální prohlídka
Teplické skály - virtuální prohlídka
Muzeum stavebnice Merkur
Muzeum papírových modelů

Summer in Adrspach

In summer Adrspach becomes a popular destination not only for families but mainly for climbing fans. A trip to the Adrspach-Teplice rocks and evening swimming in the lake is a unique experience to most of the rock visitors. An evening trip to the Adrspach Castle makes you nicely tired and offers a view of the rock called Křížový vrch. Nearby rock areas as the Broumov Rocks, the Jirásek RocksBischofstein, Ostaš and others are a must during your Adrspach visit.

During very hot summer days you can cool yourself down in the artillery forts Dobrošov, Stachelberg, Josefov in Jaroměř or the nearby army museum in Malé Svatoňovice. The most beautiful historical sights near Adrspach are Broumov Monastery and castles in Náchod and Nové Město nad Metují. To learn something about one of the most famous Czech writers Božena Němcová you can visit Grandmother’s Valley in Ratibořice and its Victoria weir and the Ratibořice castle. Behind the Polish border you can admire the castle Ksiaz or a baroque cathedral in Krešov.

Vojenská pevnost Dobrošov
Vojenská pevnost Stachelberg
Vojenská pevnost Odolov
Broumovský klášter
Náchodský zámek
Novoměstský zámek
Zámek ve Walbrzychu
Barokní chrám v Krzeszove

If you are keen on beer, you can tour the nearby Museum of Brewery in Broumov or the Brewery Primátor in Náchod, and taste their beers.

Broumovský pivovar
Náchodský pivovar

If you are interested we can arrange a horse ride at a near horse farm.

Farma Tuček Adršpach

For cycling fans we have a map of cycling routs in the area of Adrspach.

Cyklotrasy Kladským pomezím

There isn’t a climber who would forget the International Festival of Mountaineering Films which takes places every year at the end of August. A nice sit-down at the open fire and a barbecue isn’t a problem for us.


Autumn in Adrspach

The beauty of autumn is in the Adrspach rocks unforgettable. After the high tourist season a tour of the rocks is so peaceful and romantic. At this time of the year there are also many sport events held, including the most difficult mountain bike marathon in the Czech Republic called Spacialized Ralley Sudety, or a run through the Adrspach rocks called Adrkros. The most famous march in our neighbourhood is the autumn Teplicko-adršpašská 33.

Your children will appreciate a visit of the ZOO Garden in Dvůr Králové since the animals are usually relocated to their winter sites at this time of the year.

Winter in Adrspach

In winter you can use well-kept cross-country tracks in Adrspach and surrounding areas. Downhill skiing fans can enjoy themselves in a near ski resort Kamenec in Teplice nad Metují, or the ski resort in Petříkovice near Trutnov. The tourist ways in the Adrspach-Teplice rocks are maintained all year long. A visit of the rock town in winter is an experience you will never forget.